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Good to have Rebecca (Yanling) on your side
Rebecca has her fingers on the pulse of current market condition and future trend.  She is responsive in communicating with us by thoroughly explaining the next steps and the rationale behind the approaches.  It's good to have her on our side throughout the entire process.
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Lingxi Cai
Rebecca has helped me on both purchase and sale of properties in Cambridge MA last five years. She is extremely knowledgeable on local real estate market and always available when she is needed. I will definitely use her rich experience and expertise for my next purchase. In addition, I will highly recommend Rebecca to my friends. (Zillow)
Xiaoyong Feng
She was very responsive and knowledgeable about the area. We had looked in multiple towns in MA. She is more on the aggressive side in terms of negotiating but for us as buyers, it worked in our favor. (Zillow)
Nanxi Ling
I hired Rebecca to sell my house in Dec. 2018, when my relocation benefit will expire in 4 months. Rebecca came in swiftly changed the setup in my house under a controlled budget. Since I have moved to California I handled everything to Rebecca including the winter maintenance on my house. Rebecca did everything she can and she sold my house in Mar. 19, one month before my relocation benefit expired! I am very grateful for everything that Rebecca has done on my house! I strongly recommend Rebecca without any reservation! She communicated well with me, and she did the best selling work I can imagine on my house. Rebecca managed to negotiate a better-than-expected deal with the buyer for my house. I was able to sell my house "as is" while there was no second bidder. Just can't say enough thanks to her. (Zillow)
Tianbing Chen
I am really lucky to have Rebeca as my realtor and my house closed yesterday. She was referred from a friend who also bought with her 2 years ago. She is very knowledgeable about the house condition, and she could spot the problems that I would not notice. For example the inconvenient layout of a house, the neighborhood, and some unleveled/settled bricks in the center of a wall of an aged house. For the price she has very good sense what to offer. She saved me more than 50,000 on my house comparing to the price I was willing to pay, as she learned the price the seller would accept the offer. I really appreciate that she has very high ethics that puts client's benefit as priority. She is very responsive as well and she would check with me for every step (ie loan, inspection, appraisal) to make sure everything was smooth. I could not ask more from a realtor than what Rebecca could offer. (Zillow)
Jessie Sun
Long story short, Rebecca is an awesome agent. Helped me capture the right selling time window and obviously the property went for a good price. She has great knowledge in the somerville seller’s market and equipped with local resources like cleaning, construction service and junk removal. Fast and efficient, completely worry free. In addition, Rebecca did a fantastic job with handling bidding competition situation. (Zillow)
Willa Zhou
Rebecca has helped me on sale of my property in Sudbury MA and the house closed last week. She is such an amazing agent and I am extremely impressed with her excellent knowledge on real estate market and exceptional negotiating skills. She is very responsible and always available when she is needed. As I have moved out from MA, Rebecca did everything she can to help me handle the selling process. I am deeply thankful and blessed. (Zillow)
Jing Zhang
Rebecca is an exceptional agent: personal, knowledgeable, accountable, responsive, trustworthy, everything you could expect. She did an excellent job in helping us evaluating and negotiating the purchase and sales. In one case, she spent lots of time in analyzing and identifying a big flaw of the property that saved us from a big loss. She defended the best interest for us, and even would go extra miles to smoothen out the deal. We're very happy with the service and help Rebecca provided! (Zillow)
Lian Wang
Rebecca Zeng is professional, knowledgeable and skillful in real estate field. She helped me sold my property and bought a house last year. She knows what she needs to do in each step during selling my property or buying a property for me, controlled timing pretty well . She is also very responsible and available whenever she is needed. She even would go extra miles to make better deal for me. I am very happy with what she did. I highly recommend Rebecca without any hesitation (Zillow)
Yue Long Tang
Rebecca helped us purchase a new house in a multi-offer situation. She is awesome. Prior to that she did take time and effort to see what we wanted and helped us set the right expectations. There was no pressure to buy - she even talked us out of considering a house close to a highway. That turned out to be a good judgement of her comparing to the current house we just bought. Then in the negotiation process, she displayed calmness, patience and professionalism to guide us through. One thing we did learn is to think twice before you waive the inspection clause, although it makes you appear to be more competitive, sometimes it backfires so the negotiation process becomes more painful. (Zillow)
Ying Wang & Liu Feng
Rebecca is an exceptional real estate agent-- profound local knowledge, strong negotiation skills , most importantly her willingness to go above and beyond to work for the best interest of the client, not a quick deal for the commission. (Zillow)
Nan Shen
Excellent services + team. She knows the local housing market very well, and was able to give us great advices and suggestions. She has helped us bought three houses in the Boston area. (Zillow)
Nan Shen
She is very friendly and professional. She is a very experienced agent, and has given me lots of good suggestions and advises. She was very persistent, followed every lead. (Zillow)
Bingbing Yuan and Chunsheng Chen
Rebecca really put her client's best interest first. Combined with her expertise and deep understanding of the entire process, she is the best ally to have on your side. Her local knowledge and negotiation skills are well demonstrated by her prompt response to almost any inquiry. I highly recommend her and her services. (Zillow)
Lingxi Cai & Wen X Cai
Yanling worked her magic for my house
I hired Yanlin to help sell my house in 2019, a few months before my relocation benefit expired. It was a very difficult housing market for sellers and the gentleman before her tried very hard but could not tie the knot with anybody. Yanlin reset the pricing strategy, reworked on the house setup, and she managed to sell my house in time to help me cash in my relocation benefit!
Yanlin is very knowledgeable in her field, and she worked really hard on my house. She took very good care of my house in the tough winter while I moved out of state. She negotiated hard for me, but right on the balance to not lose the deal. I highly recommend Yanlin as your sales agent!
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Tianbing Chen
Excellent professional agent
We have worked with Rebecca Zeng for buying and selling of our properties over a course of 8 years up to now. She is an excellent agent. She always has our best interest in her mind, and negotiates for us tactfully. We will definitely continue to use her expertise in helping us going forward.
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Song Hu
Best realtor ever! Highly recommend.
I am really lucky to have Rebeca as my realtor to get my house 2 years ago- and I got her contact from my friend.

She is very knowledgeable about the house condition, and she  has paid close attention to the layout of a house, the neighborhood, etc. If you like professional advice, you are in luck!

She also got a good sense on the price based on comparative analysis. She saved me more than $50K on my house - as she learned the price the seller would accept much lower than my willing price. I really appreciate the ethics she has.

Best realtor ever and also I recommended to other friends who also bought from her and all positive comments.
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Jessie Sun
highly recommend.
Yanling is the best, highly recommend.
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Yue L Tang
Excellent job
Great service.sold out my house very fast and highest price at my location, thank you very much
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James Chen
Rebecca is the best agent!
I came to know Rebecca by chance from internet so we ask her help when purchase a unit in 2014. Impressed by her solid knowledge about Cambridge housing market as well as superior professionalism, we ask her to be our listing agent when selling the unit in 2019. To my knowledge, Rebecca is extremally good to find best value investment property and really skillful on getting best deal for you. I will definitely to have her on my side for next purchase in Cambridge or great Boston area.
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Xiaoyong Feng
The best I have ever met
Mrs Zheng is a great agent and a trustworthy friend with the professional service. She had helped me deal with my property while I was outside of the US. I owe her a great debt of gratitude with her efficiency even  during her illness.
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Vivienne Xi-Wang
She's the Best
It was a great experience, I was amazed by Rebecca's professional knowledge and the marketable sensitivity. She helped me purchased the property lower than the asking price a lot within the quite competitive offers. She's also helped me sold the property by a over expected price, there are $ 330,000.00 profit gain within two years. She's the Best!
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Vivienne X. Wang
Great salesperson
She is a very experienced salesperson.
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Yunping Hu

 来美国二十多年了,买过三套房子。在波士顿买过两套, 都是请经纪人曾彦玲帮忙。14年在Natick Green买的Townhouses帮我们省了$5000美元,省下价格约为房价的2.5%左右,还帮我们请到一个很好的律师。我们是老年人,上下楼不方便。 去年10月份,又帮我们在Natick Village买到了一个Condo, 这个Condo非常符合我们的要求,我们非常高兴。 在房源非常抢手的小区,不到两天就搞定了,而且还省了$ 5000美元,省下价格也是约为房价的2.5%左右。真的非常感谢她。 前几天曾彦玲又在租房人不多的冬季, 帮我们把闲置的Townhouses租了出去。 小曾真是个非常好的经纪人。
Xichen Xu
We had a really good experience with Rebecca in 2013. As first time buyers, she cautioned us a lot regarding the hidden issues of the potential houses. As we don’t have kids for schools, she never pushed us to buy a house quickly, instead she always reminded us not to go into the market during the peak season to compete with those people who were desperate to send their kids to school.

Rebecca is an outstanding agent with extensive real estate knowledge and amazing network skills. She could negotiate with the seller agent right to the points, and had a lot of people to consult when we needed it, such as the attorneys, contractors, etc. Even after we finished the house purchase, when we asked for info regarding plumbers, roofers, etc, she is always there to help at any time.

Rebecca also has very strong feeling of responsibility regarding her work. She never rejected our request to show the house even when she had kids to take care of. Sometimes she even carried the smallest one with her to show us the house on time when no babysitter was available. She also delayed her international vacation for weeks when there were needs from home buyers.

We mostly appreciate for Rebecca’s patience. As we were the first home buyers, we were very cautious during our purchase procedure and have a lot of questions. We also commented a lot during the procedure on legal and financing stuff. She accompanied us and tried her best to get interests for us when we were signing the final closing document at the attorney’s office.   Although those were not the responsibilities of a real estate agent, Rebecca was always doing whatever she could to help us out of trouble. The whole purchase procedure was really exhausting but fortunately we had Rebecca, who was always on our side whenever we needed her.

Thanks so much Rebecca!
Jay and Annie
Jay and Annie

As a first-time home buyer, I started my house hunting knowing pretty much nothing about this process. A friend of mine who just bought a house recommended Rebecca to me. Through the course of 3 and half months, she has earned my trust and respect with her knowledge and skills, her friendliness and professionalism, and most important, the results.

It was with hesitation and confusion that I started my house hunting in November 2012. I was hesitant because of not knowing the market, confused because of not knowing my own needs. Rebecca has done a great job providing informative resources and helping educate me to understand and uncover my needs. She never pushed me to jump in any deal but rather she always tried to analyze the pros and cons of the house and how it may or may not fit my overall objectives. In fact she never asked me to sign any paperwork to retain her as my realtor until we wrote the first offer.

After I found the dream house, she worked very diligently with the seller’s agent to negotiate the price. Of course it is not easy. But she has helped me to make the deal at a price that is $30,000 below the initial asking price and $7,000 below the town assessed value. It is a great result to me in such a rising market. Rebecca has accomplished this through her analytical skills, negotiation tactics, and also persistence.

On the days after the offer acceptance, Rebecca has followed through all the way till closing. She has also given me some good recommendation of the home inspector, mortgage broker, and even contractors. I feel very lucky to have her as my realtor to work with me throughout the home buying process.

For anybody who is looking for a diligent Chinese-speaking realtor who put the customer’s interest first, I will be very glad to recommend Rebecca without reservation.

Haitao Gao & Mingyi Xu
Rebecca has done a great job helping us purchase our first house. We had great experience working with Rebecca and love our new house that we would not be able to get without her help.

Rebecca works for the buyer’s interest, and she never pushes.  As first-time buyers, we were not clear about what we really wanted when we started. Rebecca was very patient and skillful to guide us through our first stage in house purchasing. She first toured us a number of properties in different price ranges and locations for two purposes:
1) for her to understand our needs and personal preference so that she could better use her experience to help us get our dream house;
 2) for us to learn pros and cons of each property from her opinions so that we can gradually learned and decided what would be a good buy for us.
During the entire house hunting process, Rebecca was always frank and straightforward in telling us her opinion and patient on answering every detailed question we asked. She was always putting herself in our shoes but at the same time, she was very careful to not comment subjectively on things that directly influencing our critical
decision. She never pushed us to make a decision but once we decided to put an offer, she was very experienced and made all her efforts to help us win the bid. We looked at many houses, we put offers on three. The one we purchased finally was the one we liked the most of all. We are very thankful to Rebecca for helping us make the right decisionthat we would never regret.

Rebecca is very skillful at negotiation. The house we finally purchased was very popular. There were five offers kicked in, and the decision was made the second day after open house. Rebecca helped us use the right strategy to draft and submit offer. During the same time, she communicated with the seller’s agent in a very effective and constructive way to built up mutual trust to obtain the most information and put us in the best place to compete an offer. She was able to sense the price range that was very likely to win the bid. We followed Rebecca’s suggestion, and offered 5K lower than what we wanted to offer. Guess what, we won! Later on, we found out our final offer was 7K lower than the highest bid. Rebecca played a critical role in choosing the best strategy and the right offer to win the bidding war.

We are lucky to have Rebecca as our realtor. She is very respectful and skillful. We would like to recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Zidong Wang & Jieqian Zhang
To whom this may concern,
Rebecca's service has exceeded our expectations in that it not only provided the necessary information and efforts to clinch a good deal, but also offered firsthand guidance on what we really should look for and expect in our investment in the current local real estate market. As an overall outstanding agent, Rebecca has proved herself as a responsible, experienced, patient, informative, cooperative, and diligent personality. We have experienced her effective tactics to negotiate an excellent purchase price ($545K) beyond our orignal expectations ($600K), and she has been helpful throughout and even well after the deal is closed. In principle, she could do still better if she becomes more confident by telling her clients that she can almost garranttee the lowest possible purchase price among her peers, but we really couldn't ask for more. I would strongly recommend Rebecca to anyone who need to buy a residential property timely based on accountable and reliable brokerage services.
Yang Wang, Ph.D.
Newton, MA
Yang Wang
  "We were very happy working with Rebecca in purchasing our first house. She was very timely with her response to our inquiries despite her busy schedule and extremely diligent in her researches. Most importantly, Rebecca is exceptionally well-versed in price bargaining. She really does everything within her power to make sure that her client gets the best possible deal, often beyond the client's own expectations. For the particular house we were looking at; Rebecca was able to drive down the price by almost $20,000; much lower than what we were willing to settle for. Furthermore, she was also able to convince the seller to cover all repairs to the house after the inspection, even when the seller initially stated they would not. This came as a pleasant surprise and saved us thousands of dollars in addition.
   Personally, we reserve our greatest praise for her willingness to be the "bad guy" and say "no" to a potential bad house. Like many first time buyers, we tended to be over zealous and "trigger-happy" during our initial phase of house hunting, easily jumping on to something without extensive considerations for resale value, neighborhood value.. etc. Rebecca acted as a last line of defense against any potential bad choices, and we were extremely grateful for that. We would gladly recommend her to our friends and families in the future."
Shaw Liu & Sabrina Zhou
Testimonies from Yi Huang and Xinyuan Chen

We know Rebecca Zeng from one of our friends. She refereed Rebecca to us when we decided to buy a house. We are first time buyer and don't know anything about house hunting, closing, etc. At first, we are even confused about where and which type of house (condo or SF) we should buy.

Rebecca was really patient and explained to us which might be the best for us to meet our needs in the next 5-10 years. She also accompanied us to visit a few condos and SF houses in Malden, Winchester, Arlington, and Lexington. "I want my clients to satisfy with the house they bought in the next ten years" -- That's what Rebecca told us. 

Rebecca is a brilliant agent and knows what's the first-time house buyer need. She is not only give us good suggestions about what might be the best for us but also help us buy the dream house in lowest price. One thing we really want to highlighted is we bought a $450,000 house and get $8500 credit after inspection which out of our expectation. This is because Rebecca help us negotiated hard with seller agent. We are really appreciated this.
We are happy to have Rebecca Zeng as our buying agent and will definitely recommend her to our friends whenever they need to buy their dreaming house.
Yi Huang and Xinyuan Chen
We just bought our first house with tremendous help from Rebecca. We spent more than a year looking for the right house and have worked with 4-5 realtors in the process, and Rebecca is hands-down the best. She truly keeps the best interest of her client in her heart, as she is honest and never pushes us to do anything we aren’t comfortable with. She is very knowledgeable, patient, flexible, and thoughtful throughout the process. She helped us research the values of the houses that we are interested in, compared the pros and cons, and communicated with the sellers’ realtors frequently and effectively. Many times she even talked to the neighbors of the properties just to gather more information. Occasionally we would get frustrated, and were ready to over-pay, and Rebecca would persuade us to remain prudent and patient, even though it meant more work for herself. As we didn’t limit ourselves to just one or two towns in our hunt, the houses we were interested in are scattered everywhere, sometimes quite far from one another, and Rebecca never hesitated or complained to show any house to us, and really striven to work with our schedules. Rebecca is also very resourceful, as the people that she recommended (attorneys, brokers, etc) were also great. Overall Rebecca is a true professional with great integrity and work ethic. We are quite happy with our house and the price that we paid for it, and for that we owe Rebecca a big "Thank you!”. We’d recommend her strongly to anyone looking for a house, whether you just started looking or have been looking for a long time and are frustrated just like we were. We are confident that she won’t disappoint!

                                                                                                                                      Guogang & Wenyan
Guogang Dong & Wenyan Qi

I really enjoyed the experience of working with my buyer agent Rebecca Zeng. Rebecca understood our expectation and requirements and helped us avoid a lot of anxiety. As a first-time buyer, I had many questions about purchasing a home. Rebecca was there every step of the way and providing me the best information as possible. Rebecca has excellent negotiation skills and got me a better price than I offered. Rebecca doesn’t offer a rebate, however, her professionalism saved me more.


Wenye Ma

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter regarding Realtor Rebecca Zeng, our real estate agent and whom we now consider as a friend.

As second time home buyers we have a clear idea about where and what we are looking for. Given the current market we need a real estate agent that would take us seriously, and give us the respect, time and attention that we desired. From our very first phone call, Rebecca made me feel completely comfortable. She showed that she truly cared about our wants and needs by devoting countless hours of her time throughout the entire process.

She is very professional and knowledgeable, importantly with no-pressure attitude. She was always looking out for our best interests. She evaluated the house very carefully and told us not only the pros but also the cons of the home. She always gave us enough time to think. There was one home we were very close to make offer and didn’t do that because the style was not we preferred. She totally understood our situation and she is not like some agents that always encourage you to make an offer. In our email exchange, she highlighted the homes she recommended us to take a look and screened out the ones that we should not touch at all which saved us tremendous of time.

Once we found the home of our dreams, actually the last open house we went to and the only one that we had offered , Rebecca made every effort to get us the best possible price on our house and we ended up getting such a beautiful, spacious 4 bedroom at price that was $50,000 lower than the decant listed price. Although we accepted the "sold as it” condition since the sellers refused to lower the price when we signed the offer she still saved us $5000 after the home inspection. She kept us informed & worked hard behind the scenes to get the process completed. She is absolutely amazing!

She is truly a pleasure to work with and we always recommend her to everyone we know, and even people we don’t know! We feel so lucky to have been given the chance to work with her, and we feel that we have not only gained a great realtor, but great friend as well.

Jihua and Weihua

Jihua Ma & Weihua Zhou

Bottom line: Rebecca goes above and beyond our expectation from a buy's agent. We strongly recommend her.

We found Rebecca because we saw people recommending her in a discussion forum and thank God we made the darn right choice!!! Rebecca is more than an agent who simply provides you market information, sets up house visits and deals with paperwork. She is a guide and advisor who truly cares about us and really makes sure that we make the right decision of the biggest investment we make in our life and that we find a house that we truly love. As first time home buyers, we benefited a lot from her help and advice. I mean A LOT! Here are why we love the experience of working with her:

  1. She never pushes us to settle a deal. On the contrary, she always makes sure that we are patient in the process and that our emotion doesn't override and control our judgment. She calms us down (especially my wife who easily gets excited when she sees something she likes or when competition seems intense) to make sure we don't overpay a house because emotion takes over and later regret it.

  2. She is a great negotiator and was able to drive the price down even below our bottom line of how much we were willing to offer.

  3. Rebecca has always had a calming presence. When everything around you seems to be falling apart, she will step up and make things right for you. We looked at a house which we liked a lot at first. Of course, emotion took over and we rushed to decision of offering way too high than what it was worth. She was able to calm us down and dropped our offer twice. When the offer got accepted, we truly calmed down and found something about the house that we really didn't like. We started to regret our decision. You know the feeling. For the next who knows how many years, we were going to live in a house with regrets. It's not like buying a piece of garment which you can simply change and buy a new one if you don't like it. We're talking about buying a house. It really feels like a fishbone in your throat. Well, luckily Rebecca is there. She was able to help us back out of the deal with minimal loss (literally almost nothing). We are so grateful for what she did for us. (For your record, she never recommended us buying the house in the first place. It was our emotion that played the Satan role).

  4. She did a lot of research for us for the houses that we did or would potentially put in an offer. She reminded us a lot of things that we need to consider, even the potential to expand.

  5. She is very responsive to our emails and calls, weekdays and weekends, days and evenings. She does her best to accommodate our schedule when we ask a house to be shown.

We eventually decided not to buy a house due to personal reasons. When we brought this decision to Rebecca, she didn't show any disappointment and showed her sincere support for our decision although she didn't get anything from us for her service apart from a sincere "thank you". We really appreciate her help in our house buying process and truly enjoyed having Rebecca as our buy's agent. Can't imagine finding a better one in the future if we do want to buy a house again. We got admired by our friends who already bought their single family house or condo when we talked to them about what Rebecca did for us. I mean, yeah, what more do you expect from a buyer's agent who truly stands on your side and makes sure you are 100% satisfied and happy with your choice and decision?

Kevin Zheng & Rita Sun

We are very satisfied with Rebecca's service in helpping us to purchase our home. We are happy to choose her as our agent.

To be honest, we first do not really know whether we can get benefit from her service because we were not the first time home buyer and believed that we have enough experiences in handling things in the buying by ourselves. She tried to fully understand what we really need and recommended the best fit houses to us to see. It saved us much time in searching. Her special value was that after we identified houses we wanted and would like to make an offer, she gave us her honest opinion about some drawbacks in our targeted houses. Manytimes, she adviced us not to touch the houses because she believe some major factors would affect the resale value. She did tremendous research for us, including comprehensive comparables, sale history,visiting the defferent departments in townhall and even talk to neighbors in the targeting neighborhood. We feel that she is not an ordinally real estate agent who like to promote sale. Instead she always tried to discover if there is anything wrong about the properties we are going to touch.We felt that she really put herself into our shoes in evaluating the houses for us.

Overtime, We trust her and many times we just told her our targeted price and she did the rest. She was spending many days in helpping us to negociate a house with a builder in a much lower price than what I was telling her to pay. There was a big inspection issue and could not reach an agreement with the builder and the sale felt apart. Later, we found out the later party who purchased the same house paid extra $20,000 than what we were able to get it for. We were very impressed and surprised with Rebecca's excellent negotiation skills. For our current house, she also helped us save $8000 from what we were trying to offer, and another $5000 after the home inspection and make sellers spend lots of money in completing their legal permits which we had no knowledge about them and she did the investigation in the town hall and discovered the problems. All these things she has done are far beyond our expectations form a real estate agent. Beside, we have a very pleasant experience in working with her.

There is no doubt that we will go to her again if we sell our house or buy another house. We would like to recommend her to all of our friends and other people.



Zhonglai Zhang & Xiaojun Meng

Zhonglai Zhang & Xiaojun Meng
Hi Rebecca:
I am glad to hear from you. Thank you very much for your big help and saved us a lot money.
You are a wonderful and very professional real estate agent. You are not noly having a good skill in negocation, but also having a unique eye in evaluation of house.
Please go ahead and share the information.
Thanks again.
Yong & Mary
Yong & Mary
Rebecca helps us find our first house and her service is outstanding and very professional. As a buyer's agent, she really listen to our needs and help us understand what are the "true value" in a house from a professsional point of view. She is also a very good communicator- smooth communication with seller's agent. She did a lot of research on the property and also go far beyond that- searching community information, going to town hall , chatting with neigbours etc. Her negotiation skill is excellent. With her help, our final price is much lower than my target price , even lower than the builder's purchase price. Overall, I highly recommend Rebecca's service and appreciate her outstanding professional services.
Pengyu & Nan
 Rebecca is a GREAT agent!!! I am recommending her whole-heartedly to anyone who is looking to buy a house! My sister purchased her house through Rebecca a couple of years ago and strongly recommended her to my husband and I when we decided to buy a house. We have recently purchased a house in Wayland and we are very delighted with Rebecca’s work.

I don’t even remember when we started searching for a house, maybe the Spring of last year. At that point, we did not have much sense of which town is the best choice for us given our likes, dislikes and the prices we could afford. Rebecca laid out all the pros and cons of the towns we were considering, and showed many houses in different towns to us, trying to give us some idea of what we should expect in those towns given our budget. Throughout the search process, Rebecca had been very DILIGENT and PATIENT with us. She listened to us, trying to understand what we were looking for, and NEVER PUSHED us to make a decision! Earlier this year, we withdrew from a deal after the house inspection was done, not because the inspection identified major issues with the house, but because we were not comfortable with the size of the house. Rebecca listened to our concerns and showed complete understanding. She understands that buying a house is the biggest investment for us and we need to be comfortable with the decision. She did not complain a bit or tried to press us to close the deal. Instead, she helped us withdraw from the process and patiently restart the search with us.

After a few more months hunting, we finally found a house we really like in Wayland. Throughout the entire purchase process, from the first showing to the closing, Rebecca was always there for us, including home inspection, collecting the Radon test results, final walkthrough, recommending contractors… The services she provided were above and beyond our expectations, not to mention that she helped us get a deal that was $5,000 lower than what we were willing to pay. We liked the house so much that we were willing to pay a price at the high end of our budget. Rebecca knew that but she managed to get a price that is below our bottom line. Not only is she so skillful at PRICE NEGOTIATION, but also we saw that she does not put her interest before our interest! Just to think that a lower sell price means a lower commission for her, and yet she was willing to do that in order to save money for us! Maybe I don’t know many agents, but I doubt that a lot of them will actually do that for their clients!

Now we have moved into our new home. The remodeling is done and we are getting the furniture piece by piece. I have been meaning to write a testimonial for Rebecca and finally got the chance.

Thank you, Rebecca!

Charlie & Grace
还记得是三月里的一个傍晚,和朋友们在餐馆吃饭。 老公在外面接完电话,带着掩饰不住的喜悦把我叫到外面跟我说, 60万5千拿下来了。什么,60万5千!我没有听错吧! 在三月的寒风中我一再摇头表示不肯相信,一边又兴奋的欢呼, 像个疯子。因为我知道之前明明都和Rebecca说好了, 60万8千。她怎么还能把这个价给还回来呢。
老实说,这个最后被我们残忍的砍到60万3千五的房子,学区好, 交通好, 在brookline也算是80后的townhouse, 加上周围各种条件,标价65万算是合情合理。这一点, 有隔壁一间条件和他类似的房子作证。那屋我们进去看过, 老实说还没看上。人一开始标价71万5,后来一降再降, 如今还挂着67万多。所以在这个标价并不离谱的房子面前, 老实说,能砍多少我们心里还是有数的。我们自己的预算是61万, 最多最多62,我们觉得如果卖家同意这个价格, 那绝对也算一个不小的奇迹了。所以我们做好了迎接杯具的准备, 却没想到餐台上摆着的却是一排洗具。
这排洗具的开幕便要扯到今年年初。因为知道我们要买房子, 朋友连忙介绍了他们去年买房时用的agent, 于是我们的幸运女神Rebecca便闪亮登场了。
首先我们是在电话里聊了一下。谈了一下我们基本情况, 她也和我们介绍了一下将来的合作方式。她说话比较直接, 加上有条理,所以一通电话下来就能感到和朋友介绍的差不多, 人很爽快,并且做事有效率,让我们感觉很放心。
我们看房时间不长,大约从1月初起到3月底, 主要地点是在Newton和Brookline。 虽然这两个town离Rebecca家不近,确切说来是很远, 可是她每次都扑哧扑哧的跑一两个小时赶过来和我们一起看, 实地了解我们的想法,对房子各种各样的要求, 给我们普及各种房产知识等等,如果碰到我们稍微感兴趣的房子, 她会主动去和对方的agent, 邻居或者任何和这房子有关的人交流,甚至亲自去town hall了解房子周围会否有新的工程等,不错过任何可能的信息, 这个优势不但对我们了解房子以及neighborhood有好处 ,在最后杀价的时候更是立下汗马功劳。
3月中是我们看中了一个房子,那是一个心水啊。 标价已经比估价要低个3,4万,虽然比我们的预算要高许多。 可是我们实在是太喜欢这个房子。 要知道newton那地方房子又老又破的, 这房子绝对是像20岁的姑娘站在一群七老八十的老太太当中显眼一 样。。。不管怎么样我们决定试试。 于是给了一个比标价低了8万的价格, 也就是比估价要低10万多了。人家当然不会同意, n个来来回回É
Ting Yan & Xiaohua Huang
We just finished moving into our new house and really appreciated help from Rebecca on the whole house purchase experience with her. She is professional and responsible - always answer our questions promptly with patience. She never put pressure on us to make decisions even when everyone was hurry to buy a house to get tax credit before April 2010. Before we met the house finally we bought, we made an offer to a property whose back yard is the wet land, but at that time, we were not very sure about this. Rebecca visited the town reservation department in person to ask for this property and found out that the back yard is the wet land and it can not be converted to a play ground which is very important for us. Then we back off without any lose. So we believe she always put herself in your shoes as the home buyer, and in a more professional way. On top of that, she fought with us to get $3000 credit for upgrading the heating system on the house we bought.
Overall, Rebecca is very respectful, professional, and skillful in handling our purchase need. We will not be hesitant to recommend her to anyone.
G. Chen & H. Yin
G. Chen & H. Yin

Rebecca is absolutely the most professional agent we could ever imagine. Since agent fee is a fixed percentage of the sale price, I started my home purchasing process assuming that any buyer agent would simply want to get the deal done. Rebecca proved that I was wrong. She always puts her customer's interest first. During the negotiation process for our purchase, Rebecca managed to get a sizable price reduction when we didn't think it's possible and didn't expect it at all. She has great negotiation skills! Rebecca is very supportive yet never pushy. She is always there to answer our questions and help us make decisions. We once were very interested in a place near a fire station. Rebecca did a lot of research and honestly told us that she had some concern because the fire station might affect the resale. It's wonderful to have an agent who provides honest opinions! For the place we eventually purchased, we decided to give an offer when Rebecca was in the hospital to deliver her baby. Despite the obviously bad timing, she prepared our offer immediately after she came out of the delivery room. The closing was less than a month later. Although she just had a baby, she helped us with everything we needed to ensure an on-time closing. We were very grateful for having Rebecca as our agent and would definitely recommend her to everyone.

Yiling & Xiaogang>>>
Yiling Chen & Xiaogang Jin

Customer Testimonies for Rebecca Zeng

We just finished moving into our new house in Wellesley and really appreciated help from Rebecca on the whole house purchase experience with her.

She is always available on answering your questions, scheduling a showing, and discussing your concerns. She is a rarity since she actually tells you not to buy the house you like in over 80% of the chances since we believe she always put herself in your shoes as the home buyer, just in a more professional way. With this mentality, we gradually built up the mutual trust.

In nowadays, everyone can see the house on multiple listing services at the same time as anyone else. However, as a house buyer, I know that from seeing the house until final moving in takes a lot of professional help than simply clicking on your internet. For the house we bought, the real challenge kicked in at the moment we submitted our offer since there is another party interested in the property. Rebecca skillfully negotiated with the seller’s agent to win over our dream house at a lower price we were anticipating. Right there, we saved thousands of dollars. When the time came for inspection, attorney, insurance agent, and mortgage banker, we just asked who she used for her purchase and followed suit. One more thing I want to mention is the negotiation step with the seller after the inspection. She fought for us and got $5000 back based on one inspection report.

One week before our closing, Rebecca was off due to maternity leave. However, three days after her C section, she called us to make sure everything was on track and even offered to show up at the final walk-through and closing (we turned it down). Admit it, guys, not all agents will go this extra mile to satisfy their customers.

Overall, Rebecca is very respectful, professional, and skillful in handling our purchase need. We give her six thumbs up (my wife, my son, and myself) and will not be hesitant to recommend her to anyone.

Jianwei Dong & Jinghui Wu
Anyone who has the experience of home purchase understands this is a process with a lot of excitement as well as equal share of commitment and stress. This is particularly true for any first-time home purchasers like us. At the end of our home buying journey, we felt very fortunate to having Ms. Rebecca Zeng representing us. She did a fantastic job of helping us buying our first home in Boston area. Rebecca is very dedicated, responsive, and professional throughout the home buying process, from the beginning to the end. She took time to listen carefully to our needs and answer our questions thoroughly. Her knowledge of housing market and comparative housing search provided super information for our decision making. Rebecca is very effective and masterful in communicating and negotiating offer across parties. We actually saved five thousand more, thanks to her negotiation! If you are a home buyer who are looking for a great real estate agent, we truly believe that Ms. Rebecca Zeng is the one and she can help you in achieving your goal! – Y. Li, July 06, 2010.
Yong Li

Rebecca helps us buy a house in April to qualify for the homebuyer tax credit. She is fast in response and efficient in setting up appointments. During the process from the showing of houses through the price negotation, she provided both professional opinions and also practical suggestions, which made the whole experience more delightful. Her diligent research helps us significantly to come up an objective offer on the property. In addition, her extensive connections with qualified inspectors and mortgage lenders have definitely smoothed our buying experience. We would like to recommend her to anybody, who expects to buy a house.

Dennis & Lynn Zhang

Dennis & Lynn Zhang
Rebecca helped me buy a house in Natick in late August.  She is great to work with. She is professional and responsible - always answer my questions promtly with patience; she always tried to work on my schedules; she never put pressure on me to make decisions; on the top of that, she helped me save about $4000 by asking owner to upgrade electricity system ( I did not expect that).  I was thankful to have her as my buyer agent and will definately recommend her to other people.
Jessica Zhang
Rebecca is an outstanding realtor and absolutely the best one that we have ever met. She is extremely professional and patient. My family had a great experience working with her and would not be able to buy a house without her help. Rather than selling a house, she focused on understanding our needs with great details and finding the perfect home for us. She always put her clients’ interests on her top priority. Her husband was quite interested in one house while we also showed the interest in the same house. She arranged the additional visit for us and gathered more house information in order for us to make the decision whether to pursue the house or not. In the end, due to our hesitation, both of us missed the great opportunities. She had been shown the houses and given excellent suggestions to us for over a year. She is always responsive and answers every question timely and precisely. We are very pleased with her service and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a house in MA.
Ganghao Xiao & Yu Bai

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